Love story photoshoot in Italy
Friends, with pleasure I will quote one girl who imagined a photoshoot with her boyfriend in Italy.
“Probably, if I simply thought of a photoshoot in Italy, I would dream of something very romantic, photos at the seaside, greenery and ancient castles, in beautiful, soft chiffon dress. And surely, your boyfriend in an elegant suit, handsome and strong. BUT practically all women, probably, would dream of it.

If to speak about more or less original photoshoot ,
interesting and unforgettable, I would think of something like this.

First thing for what I love Italy – I love it for life which is felt here everywhere – in buzzling cafes, in bright counters, in deep color of the sky,the grass, the sea, in taste of dishes, in a smell of wine. I love it for emotionality, for smiling faces of local people, for gestures, for songs, for dishes. For this reason it would be great to photograph such one-day of Italian life – cheerful, noisy, bright, prooving or breaking stereotypes about this country. During the photoshoot I wanted that we would have fun, shouted together with fans, feed each other with a big piece of pizza, sitting on a lawn, have a shower with water from fountains, fly pigeons on the square, feed the Roman cat, quarrel using gestures, merge with crowd, on the whole I wanted we would taste Italy and fall in love with it, and each other and life.

Id love that it would be something like a short story about our full of adventures day, that would finish that we tired came to the sea with a wine bottle and embraced would watch the sunset. Example of Masha and Andrey photoshoot in Rome:
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Full version love story photoshoot in Italy

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