Wedding make up

Wedding make up is considered the most technically difficult type of make up and requires skills. Each bride wants her bridal make up to be ideal, suitable to her style, wedding, dress, character and preferences. All of us got used to our own reflection in the mirror which we see every day. Many women don’t use make up at all, in such cases even mascara on eyelashes and just a drop of a foundationin a wedding make up look too much. And those who nevertheless use cosmetics, hardly do a full make up every morning because of lack of time. Anyway, as a wedding makeup artist in Rome I advise: make up for your wedding in Italy must be a little bit brighter as after editing the photos, your make up will look much lighter, and the bride should look flawlessly not only in real life, but also on her photographs. A very important thing for a wedding make up is different types of primers, with them make up lasts much longer, and primers protect it from humidity. Actually, of course, there is no magic in primers, but only high technologies. Primers contain small silicone particles (it evens your skin, and foundation lays better) and reflecting light particles (they make skin look more radiant and visually do it more smooth). For lips and eyes too there are primers. Eyes primers help eyeshadows last longer ;a lip primer smoothes a surface of lips, improves skin and creates an ideal surface for a lipstick. Even if you dont use foundations in everyday life, it is very important for you wedding day make up. Better if it is waterproof which will hide small defects of the skin, and at the same time will last longer. Foundation colour has to or coincide precisely with your skin tone or to be slightly lighter. As for powder – the best option is the translucent transparent powder.On the whole, you can do like this: shape your eyebrows (it is possible use not really bright colours, but similar to your hair colour. The shape must be accurate and suitable for your face type. Also remember that light and dark shades are very important and must be accurate: you apply light shadows under your eyebrow arch, on an internal corner of an eye, on the top part of a cheekbone, and dark — on an external corner of an eye and a crease.
Another important question that many brides ask: should they do accent on eyes or on lips? Usually more accent is given to eyes. The reason is simple — such make-up is more long-lasting, after all lipstick even waterproof, despite using primers, partially remains on glass edges when you drink, napkins and … future husband! But it doesn’t mean that lips deserve less attention. Just the opposite! I advise brides not to be limited only to using lipgloss at all — sometimes its better using a velvet lipstick that makes your lips look plumpier and natural, And then just a drop of a lipgloss on the central part of your lower lip! So it look fresh and juicy! A wedding make up — is very complicated subject. We can talk a lot about it. It is possible to talk separately about wedding make-up for brown, blue and green eyes or about a wedding make up for blondes and brunettes, for girls from Asia, or Africa. The most important thing that the bride sees herself more beautiful in the mirror, and feels relaxed with make up on!

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