Kриминальный роман / Romanzo criminale


About me

Hello, my name is Alexander. I haven’t doubted for a long time and started writing the autobiography in the first person, instead of in the third as celebrities do. I was born in Krasnodarsky Krai,(the southern part of Russia) so-called, the land of Cossacks (people of southern European Russia and adjacent parts of Asia, noted as cavalrymen especially during czarist times) where people have always appreciated freedom. I was brought up in the family of sculptor Shvets Nikolay and studied at the school of Arts. In 1997 together with my family, I moved to Italy and I still don’t regret about it. Rome, well-known in the world, as the center of culture, where a creative person always feels like home. Soon I understood that photography is an art in which it is possible to express feelings and emotions. I graduated with excellent results from ROMEUR ACADEMY I studied at the faculty of visual arts and got specialized as a press photographer and a television reporter. I had such teachers, as the Italian press photographer Fabio Gateaux, the portraitist Paolo Sasso, the advertizing photographer Paolo Cenciarelli and fashion photographer Salvatore Dragone. Also I participated in the master - a class of well-known Nu style photographer Dan Hechuo. After my graduation, I continued to develop my photography skills in different directions such as fashion, portraits, photo reports and advertizing. I worked for such fashion designers, as Faust Sarli, Nino Lettieri, Mauro Galà and others. Also I worked for café Dilà which is a very famous café at the Spanish steps in Rome, I fulfilled many projects for wedding catalogs. To sum it up, I would like to add that I’m doing what I really enjoy doing without what I won’t feel satisfied and awarded. The quality I really like in people: when they are not afraid of being themselves as only this way they always get better in photos.

  • Сотрудничество со мной- это надежность, качество и гарантия.

  • На съемке со мной, Вам будет легко и будете чувствовать себя раскованно и непринужденно.

  • Десятки клиентов в год доверяют мне фото и видеосъемку, оставляя мне свои позитивные отзывы.

  • Я постоянно проживаю на территории Италии с 1997 года,и знаю её достоинства и лучшие места для проведения съемок.

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